Trend Spotting: Pantone Smoothies

As designers we always have an eye out for the latest in color and trends. Here is the newest trend we were amused to come across: Pantone Smoothies. Project of New York Art Director Hedvig Astrom Kushner, Pantone Smoothies aims to find out if it’s possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color. Kushner says the inspiration behind his project was simple: “I make a lot of smoothies and noticed it kinda works like mixing paint. Add a strawberry, get a hot pink hue, add some spinach and get a subtle green.” Also on the site are recipes for all of his smoothies, made with fruit and organic ingredients. Kushner’s delicious and colorful success has inspired us to play with hues and drink more smoothies.
Pantone Smoothie 1 Pantone Smoothie 2 Pantone Smoothie 3 Pantone Smoothie 4 Pantone Smoothie 5 Pantone Smoothie 6 Pantone Smoothie 7 Pantone Smoothie 8

Happy designing!

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