Carlyn and Company Featured on Houzz in Spanish!

Carlyn and Company goes bilingual! Recently Carlyn and Company’s design of a girl’s room at the Fells Point model in Clarksburg Town Center, Clarksburg, MD for Miller and Smith was featured in a Houzz article in Spanish. The article, “11 cabeceros sorprendentes hechos con objetos reciclados,”  is about creative ways to “upcycle” home products to create headboards (translation: “11 Surprising Headboards Made from Recycled Objects”). The article shows super-creative upcycling, including headboards made from canoe paddles, wooden pallets, repurposed doors, fabric, and a flattened changing room panel. The Carlyn and Company design showcased is a headboard made from framed cork board and patterned paper–one of the most popular images on Houzz. This Carlyn and Company image has been tagged to over 38,000 ideabooks by Houzz users, and won the firm the “Best of Houzz” honor in 2015.

Click here to see the article in full and put your Spanish skills to the test, or at least enjoy the images!

See other popular images of Carlyn and Company’s Fells Point model here.


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