Urban Scrawl Article: The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Interior Designer

Reblogged from Urban Scrawl… Good thoughts on choosing to hire an interior designer.

Urban Scrawl

interior2interior3interior4Interior design. I used to think that was something that required no skill, just money. Then I saw how poorly some wealthy people’s homes are decorated and quickly re-evaluated. In similar fashion, I myself have tried to mimic “minimalist” trends I saw in the home décor section on Pinterest. For some reason, when I did it, instead of looking edgy and chic it just looked like I was too lazy to decorate and/or couldn’t afford much and/or was afraid of anything not white. Not chic, not edgy, just kind of sad. A kind of sad that made me respect interior design (and the skills behind it) on a whole new level. It was after this minimally sad circumstance that I decided to do some investigating. After some research, I came up with this list of pros and cons to help those debating interior design to choose wisely.


  1. The Big…

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