Tree Shaping: The Coolest Green Design You’ve Never Heard Of

We wish every LEED-certified building incorporated the coolest environmentally-conscious trend we’ve seen in the world of design and architecture: tree-shaping. In our research we came across “arborsculpture,” which is the process of training trees to grow into patterns and shapes. Arborsculpture can appear simple and decorative, like the roots of a tree growing in a helix, or it can be incredibly complex and functional. We read up on the green and sustainable process of using arborsculpture to make chairs, coffee tables, stools, and accessories: growing your own environmentally-integrated furniture and living among the trees.

Living garden chair

A living chair grown in Australia

A living garden table

A grown coffee table, harvested and polished

bench made of live trees

A living bench at a children’s hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel

Towel Rack (illustration) - Design by Tal Kamil  Umbrella Stand (illustration) - Design by Efrat Gommeh

A living towel rack and umbrella stand

Would you furnish your home with living furniture? If so, check out some DIY kits to grow your own stool or sod your own armchair. Read up on tree-shaping on Wikipedia and explore some famous arborsculptors here and here.

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