Artist Spotlight:Lisa Michitti

We recently used a large body of work from the artist Lisa Michitti in our design of First + M.  We want to put Lisa in the spotlight and share her work everyone.

Here is a link to photos Lisa took while working on the project.

Kat: How did you get your start as an artist?

Lisa: I have drawn and painted since I was a child – it is truly my first love (kindergarden picture below)

Lisa Childhood Photo

K: As for the work you did at NOMA, would you say this is your usual style and execution or was this new for you?

L: The work I did for NOMA was unusual in that typically a client picks a specific body of work. This time, the client wanted ALL styles of the samples I sent combined together. I imagined it as a “crazy quilt”

K: How many pieces did you make in total and how long did it take you?

L: 8 weeks (56 DAYS), 52 canvases, 386 sq ft of painted surfaces, 37.5 sq. ft of black and white vinyl, 45 sq. ft. color pattern vinyl, 5 boxes shipped, an uncounted number (embarrassingly enough) of sugar free Red Bulls.

K: Can you tell us a little about the process you go through while creating these works?

L: There are a number of processes, depending on which works you focus on:

1. I create abstract compositions on extra thick printmaking paper with multiple mediums. These drawings are then scanned into a computer and are repeated and flipped to make the patterns that are then printed on auto wrap vinyl and wrapped onto canvas.

2. After being scanned the drawings are put through a straight line paper shredder. The shreds are then separated by color and made into new compositions on canvas – the strips are laid like hardwood flooring (one strip at a time) and glued down with a special acid free adhesive.

3. Sometimes I scan in line drawings – that  I convert into black and white and make them vector files – sections of these files are what’s used to make the black and white vinyl pieces.

To visit Lisa’s Facebook page click here, her website can be found here.

A HUGE thank-you to Lisa for sharing her background and process with us!

Below are photos of Lisa’s work at First + M.

27 Carlyn 1&M scout

26 Carlyn 1&M scout

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